KBS Rollobend System

Long-Radius Roller-Bearing Tubing Bender

Get Precise and Reproducible Bends on Electro-Polished Stainless Steel Tubing.  For Ultra-High Purity UHP Thin-Wall Electro-Polished Stainless Steel Tubing.

Tubing Benders

Bend Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Soft and Some Hard Copper and Other Tubing Materials

  • Each tool bends up to 180 degrees and large radius bends are ideal for preventing smooth inside walls from crinkling, flaking and generating particulate contamination.   
  • The open side slips over the tubing at any point. You get smooth long bends with no marking, scraping or flattening. 
  • No need to figure spring-back – it’s been done for you.

KBS Rollobend system

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This system has been approved and used in major micro-electronic facilities and by contractors throughout the United States.


Lam Research

BMWC Constructors


Total Facility Systems

Harder Mechanical

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Standard Rollobend System, 2.50" radius*

1/4" tube OD x .035" wall thickness3/8" tube OD x .035" wall thickness1/2" tube OD x .049" wall thickness
Part # 4100 10X, 2.50" radiusPart # 6600 6.67X,2.50" radiusPart # 8500 5X, 2.50" radius

Other Rollobend System Sizes, 1.25" - 5.00" radius

1/4" tube OD x .035" wall thickness3/8" tube OD x.035" wall thickness1/2" tube OD x.049" wall thickness
Part # 4500 5X, 1.25" radiusPart # 6500 5X, 1.87" radiusPart # 8400 4X, 2.00" radius
Part # 4800 8X, 2.00" radiusPart # 6800 8X, 3.00" radiusPart # 8600 6X, 3.00" radius
Part # 6100 10X, 3.75" radiusPart # 8100 10X, 5.00 radius

*Recommended combination is #4100, #6600, #8500, maintaining even center-to-center distance.

These tubing benders are not for use with wall thicknesses heavier than the specification shown here, and are not designed for high-pressure hydraulic tube bending applications


Long Radius Tubing Benders

A Specified and Required Tool

If you are a contractor and / or a facility involved in high-purity orbital welding operations KBS Long Radius Tubing Benders are a specified and Required Tool.

100% Made In The USA

In Stock and 100% Made in the USA


KBS Long Radius Tubing Benders have been specified and required by major micro-electronic manufacturing facilities for their high-purity process piping system installations throughout the United States and the world . 

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